“Special Education Placement Options” (SEPO)

By Dr. Linda H. BramThe Federation is pleased to announce a new website about what options are available by law for their child’s special education. We realized that there was a gap in our information for families who had children already on IEPs but continued to struggle in school, and sometimes at home too.

Dr. Linda H. Bram, a psychologist who works with families of children with special needs, and a parent of children benefiting from special education services, has consulted with the Federation to create this site. Many parents may not know that special education laws require public schools to provide a continuum of placements for children with special needs. The options range from general education classrooms with in-class supports and pull-out services, to separate classrooms for children with a certain challenge (such as dyslexia, autism, or emotional/behavioral difficulties), to Collaboratives, and private day and residential schools.

Dr. Bram stated, “We wanted parents whose children were struggling, despite a strong IEP, to know what questions to ask and steps they can take if they want the IEP Team to consider another placement along the continuum. We want parents to feel less alone as they navigate a complex educational system. Parents deserve to be informed and empowered with knowledge about their child’s rights and the placement options that may be available.”

You can find the website under the “Special Education” Projects section at fcsn.org/sepo. We welcome your feedback and questions.

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