Census Ads

NOTE: Massachusetts lags behind other states in the rate of Census responses. The Federation urges everyone to participate online, by postal mail or phone. Visit 2020Census.gov for more info.

Federation Partners with Census Bureau to Launch “I Count” Ad Campaign

2020 Census to Include Outreach to Families of Children with Special Needs

FCSN ad for Census Bureau in English

The campaign also included Chinese, Haitian and Spanish language versions.

The Federation for Children with Special Needs has launched the “I Count” advertising campaign to encourage families with children with special needs to participate in the 2020 U.S. Census.

The print and digital ad campaign is being displayed on select Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) stations, Red and Orange subway lines, and bus lines from May 4th through June 15th.

The U.S. Census is conducted every ten years and determines congressional representation and impacts hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding. 

“It is important that children with special needs have the appropriate representation in Congress so that they can potentially benefit from federally funded services.  The ad campaign aims to reach their families to ensure that they are counted in the 2020 census,” said Pam Nourse, FCSN Executive Director.  “Every child who has special needs must be counted and we are doing our part to help get the message out there on how important this census count is for them.”

The “I Count” campaign was translated into four languages, including English, Chinese, Haitian and Spanish, and includes posters and digital ads.  FCSN received a grant from the U.S. Census department that was distributed through the Mass. Secretary of State’s office to create the advertising campaign.  The ads were designed by O’Neill and Associates. 

“We understand the power of families who have children with special needs because they are the ones who founded FCSN. They are passionate and fight for their children’s access to services and programs. And now we are asking them to continue their roles as advocates by making sure that they participate in the 2020 US Census,” said Nourse.