FCSN // Newsline – Winter/Spring 2016 // From the Executive Director

From the Executive Director

In these Uncertain and Anxious Times!

There is so much uncertainty and change in our world right now. We’re not sure who will be the next president of the US, not even who will be the candidates to choose. The business markets seem unstable – up one day, dropping the next. Gas prices are down – for now, but maybe they will spike!

Congress passed a new Elementary and Secondary Education Act called the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), but what does it mean? How will the Federal and State governments make it happen? The state mandatory education test is changing again, MCAS will be gone after nearly 20 years. PARRC may be the replacement? No, now it will be MCAS 2.0! But how will students pass this exam? Social Media report it all with instantaneous speed.

In these uncertain times, how is a parent of students with challenges to cope with all of these issues/changes/and uncertainties? Indeed, raising a child with Special Needs means facing many challenges and uncertainties. The Federation for Children with Special Needs truly believes that parents of children with special needs can equip themselves to face the challenges of today’s world.

We view disability, special needs or individual differences as a natural part of life; that Children are our greatest assets and hope; parents when empowered with the necessary resources can help their children reach their potential. We promote the active and informed participation of parents of children with disabilities in shaping, implementing, and evaluating public policy that affects them. And we believe in the power of parents helping parents and have infused a proven model of peer support throughout all our work.

The Federation is here to assist you. The Call Center is available daily to help answer questions you may have. Parent Consultant Training will provide you a deep insight into the educational and healthcare systems you depend upon. Presentations & Webinars will enhance your understanding and support your ability to think clearly. Visions of Community Conference will allow you to experience the richness of our community.

You are not alone. The Federation is a reliable community of parents and professionals, and we are here to help – one family at a time. Call us, attend an event, participate online. You’ll be glad you did.