Newsline Volume 31, Number 1

From the Executive Director: Thanking Our Volunteers

rich robison, fcsn executive directorIn reflecting on the number of volunteers and the amount of volunteer time from which the Federation has benefitted this past year, I am overwhelmed with appreciation! More than 150 volunteers have donated over 5,000 hours of volunteer service to support the Federation and the families we serve.

Volunteers help us answer the more than 16,000 calls we receive in our PTI (Parent Training and Information) Call Center, and present workshops in many of the more than 350 cities and towns across the state. Others volunteer time to support the 900 participants at the Federation’s Annual Conference, help with our annual Gala, serve on our Board of Directors, and act as Federation ambassadors across the state and nation. College interns assist with various projects and activities. We depend upon each and every volunteer to help meet the demands of our busy, parent-run organization.

It turns out that our volunteers are not alone. In 2009, “Volunteering in America” (see Massachusetts data at reported 1.4 million MA residents, or 25.5% of the state population, volunteered. They provided 137.4 million hours of service, which is about 31 hours per resident. Clearly, we are a part of a wonderful and giving community.

And, volunteering is not only good for the Federation and the families we serve, but it is also good for each volunteer. In April 2007, the Corporation for National & Community Service released “The Health Benefits of Volunteering.” This report, based on an examination of 30 research studies, documents the correlation between volunteering and health. They found that adults who volunteer live longer, have lower incidence of heart disease and depression, have better physical health and are happier than people who do not volunteer their time to help others. Older volunteers (> 60 years) had the greatest health benefits, but the study also found that people who began volunteering when they were younger were more likely to continue to be of service to individuals and organizations as they age, and will enjoy the same health benefits when they are older. Read the full report at

I want to warmly thank each of our volunteers for their commitment to the Federation’s work and mission. And I’d like to invite anyone who wishes to volunteer to improve their health by volunteering at the Federation.

Thank you all. We couldn’t do it without you.


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Rich Robison
Executive Director