Newsline Volume 31, Number 1

Federation Web Presence:
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world and internet imageThe Federation for Children with Special Needs strives to inform, educate and empower families by providing workshops and individualized technical assistance to families, our professional partners, and others. And, in order to have information available in formats that meet each family’s needs, learning style, and schedule, the Federation has increased its web presence and use of social media and now posts information in a variety of formats.

Families can watch video of Federation workshops and conferences on our YouTube channel, receive short resource and event updates via Twitter, and friend us on Facebook. We also post Newsline as web page content, rather than just in portable document format (pdf). Readers no longer have to download the file before they can read the newsletter. Each issue is easier to navigate, as the table of contents is available on every page. Readers can link directly to articles of interest, rather than having to scroll through the entire file.

Unfortunately, due to budget concerns, the Federation is making an additional change to Newsline. After this issue, we will mail 3 of the 4 yearly issues. The 4th edition will be available exclusively online. And, in hopes of reducing overall printing and mailing costs, we hope you will help support the Federation, and the environment, by opting to receive Newsline electronically.

Sign Up for E-Newsline: If you want to continue receiving Newsline, free of charge, we need to update your Federation database record and make sure it includes your e-mail address. Please take a few minutes to provide this information at

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