Newsline Volume 31, Number

Farewell to Selena Sheaves, Development Coordinator

Selena SheavesFamilies may never have spoken with her on the phone, but for the past 2.5 years, families and staff have benefited from the work Selena Sheaves has done behind the scenes at the Federation. Selena was originally hired as an executive assistant, but her interest in and talent for development led to expanded duties as the Federation’s development coordinator. In an effort to increase public awareness about the Federation, and the donor base, she created house concerts, the Valentine’s Campaign, and expanded the exhibitor hall and exhibitor experience at the Federation’s Annual Visions of Community Conference. In fact, due to the prizes and exhibit hall entertainment, ideas Selena implemented, exhibitor participation at the conference has increased 25%. She also helped coordinate the annual Gala, and has stewarded on-going relationships with the Federation’s financial supporters.

Prior to joining the Federation staff, Selena was a stay-at-home mom. She was aware of the Federation and the work of the organization and thought, “That is the kind of work I can do, the kind of place I can be passionate about.” While at the Federation, Selena participated in the Parent Consultant Training Institute offered by the Parent Training and Information Project. For years, she and her husband had tried to get educational services for their daughter with special needs. After taking the training, she felt empowered and did successfully negotiate the placement, services and supports her daughter needed.

At this time, Selena’s two daughters once again need her at home full-time, and Selena has left the Federation to prioritize the needs of her family. She’s also going to take some time to herself, and looks forward to blogging and gardening. In parting, Selena shared what a wonderful experience it was to work with everyone and that she appreciated the opportunity and experience. We extend our heartfelt thanks for the work she has done, and extend our best wishes for a smooth transition to this next phase of family life.