Parent and Family Leadership

Welcome Everyone!    [We take an inclusive view of the word “parent” to include biological, adoptive and foster parents, guardians, grandparents and extended family caregivers.]

All families are welcome….and needed to help improve our communities.  Massachusetts families are diverse. We have families with different strengths and needs, from different cultures, with different histories, who speak different languages and bring different abilities to our mission of student success. Families can partner with schools, state agencies, and community groups to bring family voice and experience to groups.  Let’s make sure that every family is invited and welcome at decision-making tables.
Are you interested in being part of a group or leading one? FCSN has many resources to help you build your confidence, knowledge, and skills as a parent leader. Many people wonder if they are qualified to be a parent leader. You are a leader – exactly as you are today. All you need are your lived experiences, your enthusiasm and your interests.  

On this page, you will find resources that can help you increase your knowledge about about special education, family engagement, inclusion, advocacy, healthcare, and the importance of data on our Learning page, boost your confidence as you Build Your Leadership Skills, give you the tools to Grow Your Group, provide tips on how to Advocate for Change, and answer your Questions

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Be a lifelong learner – resources to increase your knowledge.

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Build Leadership Skills

Build your skills to become a better leader, there are lots of training opportunities.

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Grow Your Group

Do you have an Action Plan to build membership or develop partnerships?

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Advocate for Change

Ready to move from advocating for your child to changing systems?

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Have Questions?

Start your leadership journey,  FCSN can answer your questions along the way!

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