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Please complete our call center intake form or call us at 617-236-7210 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday for special education questions concerning your student.

Ingrid A. Arvidson, M.Ed.Information Specialist/Training Coordinator413-323-0681iarvidson@fcsn.org
Huynh (Harvey) CaoProject Associate / Data Analysthcao@fcsn.org
Ruth M. Diaz, J.D.Director of PTIext. 305rdiaz@fcsn.org
Kristin LaRoseWorkshop and Conference Coordinator/Executive Director Assistantext. 351klarose@fcsn.org
Aceriane LealPortuguese Outreach Coordinatorext. 316aleal@fcsn.org
Cindy A. Lewis, M.Ed, J.D.Call Center Coordinatorext. 335clewis@fcsn.org
Olga Lopez, M.Ed.Latino Outreach Coordinatorext. 330olopez@fcsn.org
Susan OuChinese Outreach Coordinatorext. 358susanou@fcsn.org
Cambria RussellSenior Trainer / Statewide Training Coordinatorext. 316crussell@fcsn.org