Working with SESPP

The Special Education Surrogate Parent Program (SESPP) was established in response to State and Federal special education laws requiring parental participation in the IEP process. The program is specifically focused to ensure that this right is extended to students in the care or custody of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and to students whose parents are unknown or are unable to participate in the decision making process. The program identifies students who are eligible for this service, recruits and trains volunteers to match with the students to provide the service. The program receives approximately 1,800 referrals annually.

SESPP is funded through a contract with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. This contract is managed by two partner agencies, the Federation for Children with Special Needs, which provides recruitment and training services to program volunteers through the Recruitment, Training and Support Center (RTSC), and the Special Education Surrogate Parent Program (SESPP) of the EDCO Collaborative, which provides oversight and administration to the matching and delivery of service to eligible students. RTSC and SESPP work collaboratively to ensure quality volunteer appointments, communication with community partners, and positive educational outcomes for students.

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Chart showing relationship between the SESPP and RTSC projects as contracted under ESE