RTSC // Benefits of Being an SESP

Filipino librarian helping student in school library


  • The first and best reason is to help a child or teen in need. Students who are eligible for an SESP face many challenges. You can help ensure that they receive the educational support they need to meet them.
  • To receive training from special education professionals. The Federation for Children with Special Needs has been training and supporting families and professionals since 1975. By volunteering as an SESP, you will gain access to first class training and support, and an opportunity to put what you learn into practice.
  • To gain firsthand experience and a parent perspective. As an SESP, you can work with educators, students, and school personnel to develop an appropriate educational plan with the full legal authority granted to a parent regarding education decisions. Parents, professionals, students, and educators will all benefit from this unique and challenging opportunity, all while making a real difference in a student’s life.
  • To use your knowledge to help others. Parents and professionals in the special needs community often acquire a mindboggling amount of knowledge about laws, health, education, behavior, and bureaucratic processes. If that sounds like you, becoming an SESP is a great way to make use of that knowledge to contribute to the life of a child who will undoubtedly benefit from it.
  • To become part of a supportive community. Volunteering as an SESP will introduce you to a whole community of dedicated and supportive parents, professionals, and volunteers. Through trainings, conferences, and even simple support calls, you will build connections with people who are dedicated as you are to educating and supporting all our children.