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Networking Series for All

Are you a Special Education Surrogate Parent, PCTI trained Parent Consultant, or SEPAC Officer? If so, register for an upcoming Networking Series for All.

This series will provide us with the space to dive deeper into each aspect of the IEP, starting with page #1. This series will be facilitated by RTSC staff with support from Jennie Dunkley, a recent SESP, veteran Special Education Consultant and Advocate, and founder of JDK Communications: Special Education Consulting. 

There will be a short information presentation at the start of each session followed by conversations with all attendees around the series topic. 

Google Drive Resources for Networking Series: We will collect resources discussed during our networking sessions, as well as provide resources prior to each session for you to preview.

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Schedule: 2nd Thursday of each month from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm