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The Recruitment, Training and Support Center for Special Education Surrogate Parents extends its resources and information to anyone who’s interested. We encourage our volunteers to share our webinars, presentations and publication with friends, colleagues, and fellow parents of children with special needs.  (RTSC Home Page)

Commonly Used Acronyms in Special Education

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RTSC Resources

  • Webinar References

    • DCF and SESP Program Collaboration Webinar | Recording and Handout
    • Initial Fall School Reopening Guidance (June 25, 2020) | Guidance
    • Tips for ensuring educational stability during school closures | Tips Sheet
    • RTSC 2020 Needs Assessment | Assessment and Comments
  • Best Interest Determinations Resources

    • Introduction to the Sample Foster Care Best Interest Determination Worksheet | DESE Webinar
    • Best Interest Determination Process Overview | Process Worksheet
    • Educational Stability for Students in Foster Care (Jan. 2018) | DESE - DCF Guidance
    • ESSA Info Sheet for SESPs (Jan. 2018) | Info Sheet
    • Situational Analysis: Educational Services for Students in Foster Care | Link to Analysis

Multicultural Resources

Fall Schools Reopening for 2020-21

  • August 18, 2020
    • Reopening Models by Districts The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education came out with a simple excel document to show the reopening model for all districts. As noted, The learning model in each district could change during the school year depending on public health conditions. It is recommended that you contact specific districts you are working with for any updates.
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Federation for Children with Special Needs Communications


Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Communications .

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