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Our View on Private Day and Residential Placement

We want to take care to emphasize that we highly value principles of inclusion, mainstreaming, and least restrictive environment (LRE) for children with special needs. An out-of-district placement is not typically the first option for any child. Disability advocates have made great progress on advancing the legal rights for people with disabilities, including the right to be educated along with their typically developing peers. However, we recognize that some children require more intensive educational and other interventions in order to thrive. We believe that every child deserves the level of services that is necessary to achieve their goals – whether toward their highest level of functioning, future independence, and/or integration within the community.

“[Residential placement is] an essential part of a robust array of services…[it] is not about the absence of services, but is the treatment of choice for…a small but challenging group of children/adolescents”

– (Abt Associates, 2008).