Considering a Placement Change?

When the child’s educational team agrees that a child is not making effective progress in their current setting, options may include:

  • adding services in order to keep the child in their current placement
  • trying another program within the same school district (substantially separate classroom)
  • referring the child to another school (such as a Collaborative, private day school, residential school; see “Range of Educational Placements” section)

When the first two options are exhausted, alternative or more restrictive placements should be considered. At each step, care must be taken to protect students’ rights to FAPE in the LRE.

However, sometimes team members do not agree on whether a child is making effective progress or receiving FAPE in the LRE. These disagreements often involve parents who are requesting a private school placement and schools believing that the child is better served in the district’s program. When these types of disagreements occur, there are a number of steps that parents can take.