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What Does Residential Placement Look Like?

Sometimes this consists of a group home in the community located several miles from the private school building. Or there may be a campus-style setting where the school and housing are within walking distance of one another, similar to a small college campus. Most of the residences house small numbers of children (often less than 10). So a residential treatment center may have one school building with several residences that serve anywhere from 4-25 children in each home or apartment building.

We cannot emphasize enough that the schools today are very different than the institutions of the past.  When people initially hear or think about a child in a residential placement, these old images may unfortunately come to mind.  However, not only can children receive the intensive level of services and education that their severe disabilities require, they can be extremely well-cared for. For the past several decades, the disability community has advocated for giving adults with disabilities the opportunity to live in the community rather than in institutions, and it is critical to mention that many modern day residential placements for children do meet these criteria.