The Recruitment, Training, and Support Center offers orientation trainings for parents, professionals, community members and others interested in becoming Special Education Surrogate Parents (SESPs). This training helps potential volunteers learn more about what is involved in becoming an SESP and the types of special education decision-making services that SESPs provide for students.

close up of teacher hand with marker while teaching lessons in school classroom to multiethnic students

Participants of this orientation…

  • Explore the important services SESPs provide for eligible students
  • Become familiar with students eligible for SESPs and the impact of trauma on their lives
  • Review educational processes that involve SESPs, such as IEP development, transition, and procedural safeguards
  • Learn about the role of an SESP and the appointment process
  • Identify the first steps an SESP takes when assigned a student
  • Gain confidence in own skills and talents needed to become an effective SESP
  • Become a member of a support network for SESPs at the Federation

During the Orientation Training you will learn about the role of an SESP, how traumatic experiences can impact learning and how to incorporate the appropriate supports into the IEP. Below are the documents that will be referred to during the orientation presentation. A notarized CORI application must be signed and submitted with a copy of your license photo. We cannot proceed with the assignment of your student until this process is completed.

Training Calendar