Shey Jaboin
Outreach Specialist – Haitian Families/PTI

Shey is an Outreach Specialist for the Haitian community for the PTCI and Family Engagement at FCSN, passionate in advocating on issues of disabilities as a parent and trainee in Health Policy and Disabilites (LEND). Through open communication, workshops, and meetings, she helps inform and educate, and empower families. She truly believes in helping parents stand on their feet as the message of the Federation. She helps increase acceptance and inclusion via her weekly Broadcasting and outreaching to the Haitian media around Boston. Education: As an Immigrant, her constant reminder is that families face not only the “basics” hiearchy of needs, but the culturally linguistic and emotional challenges. She returned to school with a degree in Early Childhood to learn to support her child and other families and in History, as she thirsts for Social Justice and Equity. Early on in her youth, she learned that having your eyes turned outward toward the World, especially the US, was important. With Disparities so bear, opportunity for real Diversity, Equity, and Belonging have never felt so profoundly with an unprecedent year, especially in education, health and race; she is deeply hopeful for Families, especially those we serve. She believes we cannot educate the mind until we educate the heart and is certain that beauty is not in the eyes, but the heart of the beholder. A parent of a Young Adult with Needs, she believes most of her life’s lessons come from her daughter’s heart.