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Please ONLY fill out this form if you are a student or have spoken to a Federation staff member. Register now for the Summer 2023 5-Day Intensive PCTI. This training course provides parents with information and resources in special education laws, procedures and related subjects, as well as an opportunity to network and develop a community dedicated to supporting children in special education. This condensed PCTI session will consist of 5-consecutive days of presentations from 9am-4pm. 2-3 presentations led by FCSN staff, attorneys, experts in special education, representatives from state departments, and more. There will be an option to attend a second 5-day week with sessions from 12pm-1:30pm to provide opportunity for discussion, activities, networking, and additional presentations.

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Internship Opportunities

Our information center provides 25-hour internships to those who complete the PCTI and wish to further develop their skills.