Asynchronous Summer 2023 PCTI Registration_TA/STAFF

Register now for the Asynchronous Summer 2023 PCTI. This training course provides parents with information and resources in special education laws, procedures and related subjects, as well as an opportunity to network and develop a community dedicated to supporting children in special education. Our Asynchronous PCTI option will provide a self-guided alternative to our live synchronous sessions. This option provides participants with access to presentation recordings (from previous PCTI sessions) and interactive activities in the form of weekly online learning modules made available on the Canvas Learning Platform. There will be additional live sessions held over Zoom to support you in this course.

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Live Presentations and Discussion

Throughout the course, there will be opportunities to view live presentations (not recorded) and participate in discussion with your colleagues.
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Current knowledge and experience

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Internship Opportunities

Our information center provides 25-hour internships to those who complete the PCTI and wish to further develop their skills.