STudents Are Ready (STAR) Needs Assessments

STudents Are Ready (STAR) Needs Assessments
The Federation's Workforce Success Initiative, STudents Are Ready (STAR) program, will identify and address challenges transition-age students and families face when considering employment after high school. Want to give your input? Here are the service areas and more. Eligibility Requirements and Target Population We need to hearRead more

DESE Indicator Meetings 2023

High Expectations for All Students! Learn about the Federal Indicators for Special Education. Each session will take place 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM – All groups will provide interpretation in ASL, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese, and Mandarin.    

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NextGen Careers Initiative

NextGen Careers Initiative
The Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN) has partnered up with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC) to bring a special program provided by MRC for young adults with disabilities who are 18-30 years old to help them explore the world of work and discover a careerRead more

Transition Support

Did COVID impact your transition from High School?  You may be eligible for extra services. As your first point of contact for information regarding Coordinated Pandemic-Related Transition Services, our goal is to provide the most updated and accurate information. Please fill out our contact form below andRead more

Haitian Creole Language Presentations

« Prev1 / 1Next »Dwa Debaz nan Edikasyon Espesyal (Basic Rights in Special Education: Haitian Creole) 2018Konprann Pwosesis Planifikasyon Tranzisyon (Transition Planning: Haitian Creole) 2018« Prev1 / 1Next »Read more

Portuguese Language Presentations

« Prev1 / 2Next »Direitos Básicos PortuguêsQuando Devo Procurar Terapia Para o Meu Filho(a)?AvaliaçõesInclusãoIntervenção PrecoceTrauma PortuguêsBullying PortuguêsInclusãoInterpretação & TraduçãoColaboração - Casa & EscolaCrises e DesenvolvimentoRelacionamento com o Pediatra« Prev1 / 2Next »Read more

Spanish Language Presentations

« Prev1 / 2Next »2020-01-08 Los Derechos Básicos en Educacion EspecialDerechos Basicos en Educaciόn Especial (Spanish)Derechos Básicos en Educación EspecialDerechos Educativos de los Niños InmigrantesDerechos HumanosEvaluacion NeurosicologicaLos proximos pasosIntroducción al IEP Federación para Niños con Necesidades EspecialesIEP Sección 1 El Referido Federación para Niños con Necesidades EspecialesIEPRead more