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2017 CPA Awardees

Health Advocacy Award
Renée Boynton-Jarrett, MD, ScD | Boston, MA
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Renée Boynton-Jarrett is a practicing primary care pediatrician at Boston Medical Center and is nationally recognized for expertise in the role of early-life adversities as life course social determinants of health.
Self-Advocacy Award
Jamey Breen | Scituate, MA
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James (Jamey) Breen refuses to allow his cerebral palsy to limit or define him. He loves wheelchair basketball, is a graduate of Stonehill College, and has written his own book about turning life’s challenges into opportunities.
Community Outreach
Gloria Ricardi Castillo | Malden, MA
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As one of a very small group of Latino parents who hold community leadership positions and work on behalf of Latino families, Gloria Ricardi Castillo has been instrumental in designing outreach strategies for vulnerable communities.
Inclusive Theater Award
Samatha Gould | Acton, MA
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J. Samatha (“Sam”) Gould is a real estate lawyer in her professional life, but her personal passion is running the Open Door Theater. Since 1980, Open Door Theater has had a unique inclusive mission to provide a theatrical learning experience to families and people with special needs.
Educator | Special Education
Johanna Hammer | Belchertown, MA
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Johanna Hammer, a licensed clinical social worker with over twenty years of experience, feels she “learns something new every day” from the children she works with as Belchertown’s Autism and Behavior Specialist.
Parent Advocacy
Lisa Jennings | Weymouth, MA
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Lisa Jennings’ work supports all types of disabilities, but her most passionate advocacy is on behalf of individuals with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. She describes her daughter, Monica as her “most important client”.
School Administrator
Maura Solari Johnson | Malden, MA
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Maura Solari Johnson has spent over forty years as a special education teacher and administrator working in the Boston, North Andover, Lexington, and Malden School districts, collaborating with parents and colleagues to create and promote inclusive education opportunities.
Parent Advocacy
Linda LaPointe | Granby, MA
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Linda LaPointe’s journey to advocacy was truly launched by the birth of her daughter, “Jac”,who has Down syndrome and verbal apraxia. Linda offers free consultation to families at JERICHO Bureau of Exceptional Children and Adults, and thanks her daughter for inspiring her.
Inclusive Recreation
Dianne Lecinskas | Dorchester, MA
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Dianne has worked at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Dorchester, founded several award-winning special education projects, and is active in the Boston education community, with inclusion always a core focus of her work.
General Education
Tracy Rayray | Somerset, MA
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Tracy Rayray has spent 25 years in working in education, focusing on inclusive environments for kindergarten-aged students with special needs (including those on the Autism spectrum), and considers it her mission to help each child be the best that they can be.