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Featured Speakers

Hasan Davis
Hasan_DavisHasan Davis knows what it is like to struggle. He received early diagnoses of ADHD and Dyslexia, attended multiple schools, was arrested at 11, and eventually expelled from high school. But, an unlikely team of courageous advocates, including his mother and a caring school administrator, invested unconditional faith in his ability to be more. With the encouragement of these “Hope Dealers” Hasan earned his G.E.D., B.A. in Communications, and his Law Degree. He has gone on to become a national leader in Juvenile Justice and a champion of Inclusive Education. Hasan now travels the world sharing his inspirational story of transformation, hoping to remind others of the important role they play by choosing to be powerfully present in the lives of those they support.

Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts is a 15 year old freshman in high school who was diagnosed with autism before the age of 2. Capitalizing on his love of letters and numbers, he began collecting baseball cards, which evolved into a love of the game and learning the Red Sox starting lineup. In 2009, he read the lineup on TV for NESN as a junior announcer and started his own sports blog, Boston Sports Mania. His research has been featured on 98.5 The Sports Hub. Though he requires support to help him accomplish his goals, Andrew continues to exceed expectations. Since beginning Middle School, Andrew has been a straight ‘A’ student and he continues to pursue his dream career in Sports broadcasting.