Jamey Breen: Self-Advocacy

Jamey-Breen-CPA-winnerJames (Jamey) Breen is a wheelchair user living with cerebral palsy, but he refuses to allow that to limit or define him. In his words: “I’m a wheelchair basketball player and I’m learning to drive a car. I’m launching a career as a motivational speaker and searching for full time employment in the human services field. Therefore, don’t call me different, handicapped or disabled.” A proud Graduate of Stonehill College (2014) with a degree in Health Care and Communications, James is also the author of “Keep it Rollin”, an inspirational book about turning challenges into opportunities. In his speaking presentations, he highlights the universal nature of life’s challenges and advocates a position of positivity to overcome them. These media opportunities have led many people to see him as a resource, role model, or mentor, positions he accepts happily. He feels blessed to be in a position to positively impact the lives of so many individuals, and could not have imagined the effect his words would have when he began his path of advocacy. “I work every day to see the positive in everyone’s life. I am on a journey guided by faith and it gives me the strength to serve others. I will continue to work every day to move forward and stay motivated. I encourage my audiences to face life’s every day challenges with a positive attitude and a full heart. “KEEP IT ROLLIN!!!”

Jamey’s Twitter: @JMBreen55
Jamey’s Facebook: JamesBreenTheBlogger