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Workshops in English

Mix and Match Your Workshop Topics

If English is not your first language, we also have workshops in Haitian Creole, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to presenter availability, Workshop #9 ” We’ve Got a Diagnosis – Now What?” will now be presented in Session 3 and Workshop #24 “Get Involved: Parent Participation is Essential” will now be presented in Session 2.

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Session 1: 10:45 am – 12:00 pm

1. Applying the Results of Neuropsychological Evaluations
2. Executive Functioning: How to SPOT It and SUPPORT It
3. A Lifeline to Inclusion- Wraparound Services
4. IHCPs: What Families Need to Know!
5. Mental Health First Aid
6. Supporting Families of Students with Autism During Transition
7. Technology Intervention & Dyslexia
8. Reading on your IEP: A Parent’s Guide to Effective Goals

Session 2: 1:30 pm -2:45 pm

10. IEP and Schoolwide Strategies to Prevent Bullying
11. Increasing Accessibility through the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Framework
12. Is this ADHD and What Do I Do?
13. Compiling a Medical Summary During Healthcare Transitions
14. Key Special Education Law Updates
15. Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline
16. Building An Inclusive School and Community
*24. Get Involved: Parent Participation is Essential (moved from session 3)

Session 3: 3:00 pm – 4:15 pm

*9. We’ve got the Diagnosis – Now What? (moved from session 2)
17. College Navigator: Accommodations in Higher Education
18. Special Education Law: ASD
19. Yoga and Meditation for a Healthy Response for Stress
20. The Massachusetts Inclusive Schools Initiative
21. Assessing Social Skill Challenges in Kids: Autism, Anxiety, Trauma?
22. Asking Effective Questions; Making the Most out of the IEP Process
23. Transition Considerations for Your Child’s Future
25. Problem-Solving Our Way to Positive Behaviors