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Workshop Materials

Workshop NumberTitlePresentersDescriptionPresentation Materials
1Applying the Results of Neuropsychological Evaluations Dawn Burau: Community Therapeutic Day School;
Daniel Reinstein: Community Therapeutic Day School
Neuropsychological evaluations provide information about a student’s development. Results can be used to develop IEPs and foster other goals
2Executive Functioning: How to SPOT It and SUPPORT It

Elise Wulff: Massachusetts General Hospital, ASPIREPractical descriptions and examples of critical Executive Functioning skills and concrete strategies to foster skills and long-term success
3A Lifeline to Inclusion- Wraparound Services

Kenia Franjul, LICSW: AssabetParticipants will learn about wraparound services and why they work as well as the process of launching a wraparound program in their school and how to develop strategies to building community relationships.Click here to view the Powerpoint
4IHCPs: What Families Need to Know!

Mary Ann Gapinski: Massachusetts Department of Public HealthIndividualized Health Care Plans: What they are, and how families can work with school nurses to build trust and a strong plan of care.Click here to view the handout
Click here to view the Powerpoint
Click here to view the template
5Mental Health First Aid
Patricia Graham: Hartford Hospital / Institute of Living
Samantha Crowley: MSW Candidate, CT Recovery Specialist
Mental Health First Aid (MHEA) is an 8-hour international, evidence-based certification training designed to teach participants signs & symptoms of mental health problem developing or a crisis.
6Supporting Families of Students with Autism During Transition

Victor Hernandez: Massachusetts Department of Developmental ServicesThis workshop will explore how DDS and the MA Autism Commission supports for students with Autism during the transition yearsClick here to view the Powerpoint
7Technology Intervention & Dyslexia

Kelsey Hall: University of Massachusdetts Amherst
Emma Kuras: Dartmouth College
This presentation provides information and demos about the integration of technology into traditional multisensory literacy instruction.
8Reading on your IEP: A Parent’s Guide to Effective GoalsNancy Duggan: Decoding Dyslexia MA & Danielle Pimenta: Framingham Public SchoolsThis workshop reviews how reading progress is measured, the Essential Components of Reading Instruction (ECORI), and strategies for deciding whether a program or method is a match for your child.
10IEP and Schoolwide Strategies to Prevent Bullying

Johanne Pino: Massachusetts Advocates for ChildrenBy following a case study, see how one family was helped by this law and how their child was able to receive support through the IEP process.
11Increasing Accessibility through the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Framework

Karen DeAngelis, PhD & Ruth Joseph EdD: Fitchburg UniversityThis workshop will provide participants with strategies to increase accessibility to learning through implementation of the UDL framework.
12Is this ADHD and What Do I Do? Marie Reilly, MD: Boston Children’s HospitalThis workshop will describe the way that ADHD presents across ages and settings. It will also walk through evidence-based treatment options.
13Compiling a Medical Summary During Healthcare TransitionsRebecca Berger, MSN, FNP: Boston Children’s Hospital, Young Adult Unit; Vaness a Wood, MSW, LCSW: Boston Children’s Hospital; & Leanne Langmaid, MSN, RN: Case Manager, Boston Children’s Hospital Provides guidance to caregivers of persons with special health care needs on how to compile a comprehensive medical summary. Click here to view the Powerpoint
14Key Special Education Law Updates

Dan Heffernan: Attorney, Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP | FCSN Board MemberWe will highlight significant decisions, regulations and legislation in the past year and address important trends as well as special education law issues that loom on the horizon.Click here to view the Powerpoint
15Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline Hasan DavisHasan will share data on the school-to-prison pipeline and offer strategies for families to navigate school interactions to reduce negative student experiences.
16Building An Inclusive School and Community
Joe Petner: FCSN Board MemberWhy does inclusion matter? What does it take to support inclusive schools and ultimately inclusive communities? This workshop will be interactive and focus on issues of school culture, development of a collaborative model of teaching between general education and special education staff, leveraging resources within the district and community to support the inclusion model. The discussion will also consider achievement data, concerns for natural proportions, and the ongoing challenges of continual assessment and development of best practices.
24*Get Involved: Parent Participation is Essential

Leslie Leslie: Project Director, Federation for Children with Special Needs
Marilyn Favreau: Director of Professional Development, Federation for Children with Special Needs
SEPACs have a new partner in helping to build family-school partnerships. A new federal grant will create a Statewide Family Engagement Center in Massachusetts. Let’s talk about how we can work together to define effective family engagement policies, programs, and activities that lead to improvements in student development and academic achievement for all learners.
9*We’ve Got the Diagnosis - Now What? Marie Reilly, MD: Boston Children’s Hospital & Neal Goodman, MS: Massachusetts Department of Developmental ServicesThree parents of children with developmental disorders will share their experiences and insights for finding effective behavioral therapies.
17College Navigator: Accommodations in Higher Education

Alexandra Ullrich: Easter Seals of MassachusettsWe will review the first year of the Easter Seals College Navigator program and hear from a student about their personal experience.Click here to view the Powerpoint
18Special Education Law: ASD

Leslie Hughes: Massachusetts Advocates for ChildrenHighlighting laws impacting children with ASD including legislation, case law, and information on children’s rights. Click here to view the Powerpoint
19Yoga and Meditation for a Healthy Response for Stress

Lucie Kasova: owner, Lucky Me Yoga, Inc.Breathing techniques, meditation skills and simple strategies for stress management and relaxation. Experiential workshop for caregivers.
20The Massachusetts Inclusive Schools InitiativeMelanie McLaughlin, MEd: Massachusetts Inclusive Schools Initiative | FCSN Board Member; Shannon Gallagher: Massachusetts Inclusive Schools Initiative; Alex Lauric PhD & Amanda BaileyA panel of parent professionals share their experience organizing across the state to implement meaningful inclusion in our schools. Join us as we discuss access to grade-level curriculum, community, school-based and out-of-school best practices for inclusivity. We will share strategic plans, personal stories and grass-roots advocacy efforts. This workshop will help mobilize families across the preschool through 12 school system sharing resources, research on best practices in inclusion and advocacy for meaningful and thoughtful inclusion in our schools and community.
21Assessing Social Skill Challenges in Kids: Autism, Anxiety, Trauma?

Renee Marchant, PsyD: NESCASocial skill challenges are stressful. Learn best practices for assessing complex social-emotional issues like ASD, anxiety, & trauma.Click here to view the Powerpoint
22Asking Effective Questions; Making the Most out of the IEP Process

Anne Howard, PhD: Fitchburg State University | FCSN Board PresidentThe Individualized Education Program (IEP) process can be challenging for everyone involved – parents, education professionals, and students. One of the best ways of ensuring that the final IEP product is an effective document is for team members to ask effective questions. This workshop will provide an overview of IEP components and identify key questions for each component.
23Transition Considerations for Your Child’s Future

Leo Rotman: CFP®, River Financial Group, LLC | FCSN Board MemberHow do I make sure my child can have the life I want for them? This workshop offers a holistic perspective on benefit programs, ways to bridge funding gaps, and legal considerations.
25Problem-Solving Our Way to Positive Behaviors

Nicole Baumer, MD, MEd: Boston Children’s Hospital | FCSN Board Member & Joshua Baumer, MEd: Deerfield Elementary School
The workshop will focus on understanding and managing challenging behaviors, with a focus on supporting positive behaviors in school.
A-1Enhancing Pediatric Developmental Screening in Primary CareAhmad AL-Musa: Magellan HealthThe workshop will entail a breakdown of how a switch in roles at a community health center lead to an increase in pediatric screening. Click here to view the Powerpoint
E-3Transición Interpretación de la Evaluación Neurológica
Transition and the Neuropsychological Assessment
Clemente Vega, PhD: Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical SchoolEste taller revisará el proceso de transición y enseñará a las familias cómo leer una evaluación neuropsicológica.
This workshop will review the Transition process and teach families how to read a neuropsychological assessment.
Click here to view the handout
E-2Caja de Herramientas Para Padres
Parent Toolkit
Jill A. Updegraph: Law Office of Jill UpdegraphAprendan las herramientas más útiles para los padres de estudiantes con discapacidades en negociar con las escuelas públicas.
Learn the most powerful things parents should know to best advocate for their children with disabilities when working with public schools.
Click here to view the handout
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P-3Reduzindo Riscos e Promovendo a Independência
Minimizing Risk, Promoting Independence
Luciana Castrillon, PhD: Framingham Public Schools & Luciana Quintanilha: City of SomervillUm workshop bem prático divulgando para os pais estratégias de ensino de competências pessoais que ajudam suas crianças a se protegerem e serem mais independentes.
A hands-on presentation designed to share instructional resources for parents invested in teaching their children the skills they need to stay safe and more independent.
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H-1Adrese bezwen lasante mantal timoun ak fanmi ayisyen yo
Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Haitian Children and Families
Gina Dessources, LICSW: Haitian Mental Health Network
Yon pèspektiv kiltirèl sou konprann kòman pwoblèm lasante mantal yo prezante, manifeste, ak fason pou soutni gerizon timoun ak fanmi ayisyen yo.
A cultural perspective on understanding how mental health issues present and manifest, as well as strategies to support the healing of Haitian children and families.
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S-1Xoojinta ka qaybgalka ardayda naafada ah ee waxbarashada
Fostering Engagement in Students with Learning Disabilities
Kaltun Guled: BS oF Early Education and CareKulankan bulshada Soomaalida ah wuxuu diiradda saarayaa sidii loo kobcin lahaa ka qayb qaadashada ardayda naafada ah ee waxbarashada kula jirta/la dhigata fasalada ardayda aan naafada ahayn
This session for the Somali community focuses on Fostering the engagement of Students with Learning Disabilities in inclusive classrooms.
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E-1Derechos de Educación de los Niños Inmigrantes con Discapacidades
Latino and Immigrant Parent Participation in the Special Education Process
Diana Santiago, Esq. & Laura Perez: Massachusetts Advocates for Children Durante este taller se les explicará las leyes relacionadas con los derechos de los niños inmigrantes con discapacidades; al igual que se discutirá las obligaciones de los distritos en asegurarse que todos los niños con discapacidades tengan igual acceso a la educación sin importar su origen, status migratorio, idioma o discapacidad.
Does the immigration status of a student matter when it comes to special education? This workshop will explain the rights of immigrants and refugees in schools and what you should know in order to ensure they have meaningful access to services and an education.
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