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Register now for the Winter 2023 Parent Consultant Training Institute (PCTI). This intensive training course provides parents with information and resources in special education laws, procedures and related subjects, as well as an opportunity to network and develop a community dedicated to supporting children in special education. This 10-week session will begin on Saturday, January 14th in-person at the FCSN office (with a virtual option) from 9am-3pm. The remainder of the course will be virtual and held on Tuesdays (9am-3:30pm), with a final in person celebration on Saturday, April 1st. There will be optional weekly discussion sessions on Thursdays from 12pm-1:30pm, where we will cover key points from presentations, provide opportunities for discussion,, complete activities, and network. We will have a 2 week break in the middle of the session (February 21st and 28th to account for school break and the Visions of Community Conference.
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