Advancing Parent-Professional Leadership in Education

Leadership Training for SEPACs and
Administrators of Special Education

One of the most frequently expressed concerns by parents and professionals focuses on the difficulty of building collaborative working relationships in special education planning. Our annual leadership training institute fosters strong and effective parent-professional collaboration allowing participants to learn skills that will help them become full and effective partners. Partnerships arise out of:

  • shared goals
  • mutual trust
  • cultural competence
  • effective communication and problem-solving skills, and
  • a clear vision with high expectations for student achievement

The Federation for Children with Special Needs and MassPAC, with support from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education offers a 3-day training program for up to 9 school district teams. The program provides opportunities to learn and apply collaborative leadership skills in real settings to increase parent involvement. SEPAC leaders and special education school administrators will create an action plan to bring back to their districts.

Check back soon for our DATES and PROGRAM DETAILS for 2015: