Our Team

Pam Nourse
Executive Director/Administration

The Federation is one of the largest parent centers in the country, serving tens of thousands of parents and professionals each year.  Most of the Federation staff are parents of children with disabilities and know firsthand the questions, struggles, and rewards our parents face.  Our team is dedicated to living by our guiding principles:

  • The Federation believes that individual differences in people are a natural part of life, and that disabilities provide children and adults with unique perspectives, insights and abilities which contribute to the overall well-being of society.
  • The Federation values children as the hope for the evolving improvement of humankind, and places great value on the family as a caring protector of children’s vulnerability, as well as a catalyst for their healthy growth and development.
  • The Federation places a tremendous value on parents because of the contributions they make as the leaders of families toward supporting the health, education, and development of their children at home and in society.
  • The Federation promotes the active and informed participation of parents of children with disabilities in shaping, implementing, and evaluating public policy that affects them.
  • The Federation believes in the power of parents helping parents and has infused a proven model of peer support throughout all its work.

We recognize that the high-quality services we offer results from the individual and collective efforts of our caring and exceptional staff.

The Federation team is diverse, talented, hardworking, and enthusiastic! We value the work our employees do to impact thousands of people each year. Their stories, skills, experiences, passion, and dedication are rich and add tremendous value to our work. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment, filled with creativity and innovation.