Information and Support for Schools, Organizations and Families

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Icon of parent holding child's handFamilies: We’re just a phone call away!

Massachusetts has wonderful schools and many educational opportunities. We are here to speak with you in your language about the options and opportunities that may be available for your child. We can:

  • Research options available for your family – based on city/town and grade level
  • Answer questions about different types of schools (public school, charter school, vocational-technical school, etc.)
  • Partner with you to find expert advice and direct support available to you in your community
  • If you need help completing applications for Career and Technical Education and other publicly-supported school options, we can stay by your side throughout the process.
  • Speak 1-1 with you in Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, French, Chinese, Vietnamese.
  • Through an interpreter, speak with you in 250 other languages.

Schools: Let’s Collaborate!

We are eager to work with you to provide accessible information and support for diverse language speakers. Our team members can:

  • Share information about our services at family meetings and events
  • Offer trainings and expert advice for educators and practitioners on creating a welcoming environment for immigrant families
  • Connect you with equity-centered family engagement trainings
  • Freely share translated resources such as those available thrCough our CTE Outreach Toolkit

Icon of four connected figures - representing communityCommunity Organizations: Let’s Work Together!

We are available for virtual presentations and trainings in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, French, Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese. Presentations are developed by our bilingual and bicultural team in consultation with partners at the Department of Elementary and Secondary education and experts from within the Federation. We are continually adding new information in response to parent/caregiver questions and concerns.

We are available for presentations designed collaboratively with you. Or, choose from our current offerings:

  • Intro to Massachusetts Schools: Designed for newcomers to Massachusetts – especially recent immigrants, this training provides an interactive exploration of the written and unwritten rules of the education system in our country, state, and communities. Participants are invited to identify differences between schools in the U.S. and schools in their home country as we share information on topics that include:
    • Different types of publicly-funded and private schools
    • Requirements for grade levels and high school graduation
    • Parent/Caregiver roles and responsibilities
    • Common policies and procedures including registration requirements, school calendars, and student attendance
  • Coming Soon! Career and Technical Education: What Families Need to Know