For nearly 50 years, the Federation for Children with Special Needs has been a beacon of hope for thousands of families across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have never strayed from our core mission of providing information, training, and support to families with special needs children and teachers, medical professionals, school districts, and communities.

Family engagement is the thread that weaves all our services together.

See below how your donation assisted in impacting our community:

  • Over 60,000 parents have attended our virtual training in the past year alone.
  • Over 12,000 followers watched our daily Facebook Lives broadcasts with time-sensitive information.
  • Over 6,000 parents contacted us through our Information Center.

Your donation ensures that every child receives the education they need to succeed.

We inform, engage, educate and empower you throughout the year.

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Moving the Federation Forward

The Federation is forward thinking and funds donated to our general fund will help drive our work in critically needed areas. We are a parent powered organization and our eye is always on the instrumental role of the family in ensuring student success.

Expand Outreach

In the upcoming years, the Federation will focus on ensuring information is made available to all of our communities. This will include much needed investments in technology, translation, and media access. Donated funds will help us increase access to critical information, resources, and training opportunities for racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse families. From our first contact with a family, through intervention and coaching, family independence is our goal.

Family Engagement

Family engagement is the key to all that we do at FCSN. Utilizing an equity lens, donated funds will help FCSN drive family led solutions to challenges faced by historically marginalized students in school. FCSN helps schools provide an environment that encourages and promotes collaboration with families. FCSN will continue to help bridge divides so that partnerships between schools and families will help children thrive.

Family Leadership Development

Investment in parent and caregiver leadership will help us to foster leaders in the home, school and community. FCSN will focus on how processes and practice in education and healthcare exclude linguistically diverse families. We will nurture individual families’ self-expertise, help them to discern their own leadership goals and leverage their lived experience to help them become leaders in their community.