Massachusetts Association of Special Education Parent Advisory Councils (MassPAC)

What is a SEPAC?

A SEPAC is a Special Education Parent Advisory Council. Every public school district in Massachusetts is required to establish a SEPAC. Massachusetts state law assigns both an advisory and participatory function to SEPACs. Membership is offered to all parents of children with disabilities and other interested parties.

MassPAC is a project of the Federation which supports both volunteer parent leaders and school district administrators to build effective parent-school partnerships to support family engagement.

MA State Law & Regulations regarding the Role of the SEPAC


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MassPAC Membership

Are you interested in becoming a MassPAC member? Learn more about the benefits and how to apply.

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SEPAC Leadership Training

New to SEPAC leadership? Join the community of learning and connect to other SEPAC leaders.

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SEPAC Basic Toolkit

Information to help you start, maintain and grow your SEPAC.

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SEPAC Forms and Templates

NEW! Sample forms to customize to fit your SEPAC’s needs.