Three young adults of diverse genders, ethnicities, identities and abilities hold up signs. Together, the signs read: Don't miss out!

Were you or a family member:

   Born between March 10, 1998 and September 30, 2001?

   Enrolled in special education until age 22?

You may be eligible for:

Extra Services which are support from rusted MA agencies & Funding For Services which are in the form of stipends to pay for transition-related needs

Contact Us: or (617) 236-7210 x335

Extra Help May Be Available for Young Adults Ages 22-26 through  “Coordinated Pandemic-Related Transition Services”

In 2022, Massachusetts legislators voted to provide an additional $10 million in support for young people who aged out of Special Education during the COVID Pandemic. The Federation is working with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to serve as a hub of information and referrals for these young adults and their families.

To find out if you are eligible, and what options may be available in your area, Complete this Form or Contact Dennis Baker at or (617) 236-7210 x335.


NEW! – Funding for Services that May Be Available

Direct Services That May Be Available

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What People Are Saying About Pandemic-Related Transition Services

Thank you getting us in touch with the transitional program. I’ve already heard from a staff member who described a 4-day program that my adult child would be eligible for. After describing him, his needs, and what he likes to do, the agency believes that he is a good fit.  We are so happy that there is a structured program for him to attend.   

Thank you for this information! Our daughter was going to age out of the MAICEI program in spring 2023.  I called the contact person you referred me to, and now she’ll be continuing at Mass College of Art in Fall 2023!

I just had a long conversation with a parent you referred to me. There are three things organized by DESE that are happening right now, which the young person can join; and there is an established group of women her age that meet monthly called “Just Us Women.” We will work together on the young person’s interest to see if we can match her up for a group that we can get her involved in. Thank you for sending this family to me!

Don’t Delay – Act Now!

The funding available for these additional services will only be available for a limited time, so it’s important to act now. Contact us by phone or web form, and Information Specialist Dennis Baker will get back to you right away. Dennis will tell you about services that may be available based on program eligibility and where you live. He’ll also work with you to understand your needs and then connect you with the right contact people at the appropriate agencies, so services can begin as soon as possible.

Spread the word, and contact the Federation to learn what you might be eligible for. Complete this Form or call (800) 331-0688 today!

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