Statement for our Executive Director: On the recent wave of attacks in Atlanta!

On behalf of the Federation for Children with Special Needs, I want to express our collective sadness and anger at the recent shootings in Atlanta that resulted in the death of eight individuals, six of whom are women of Asian descent.  The Federation rises in solidarity with our Asian families and friends. We condemn the rise in hate crimes and intolerance against Asians and against all those who have been historically oppressed and/or excluded. 

It is critical to band together whenever our community members are targeted, and we urge everyone to speak up, take action, and create change to prevent racist violence against Asian Americans and all communities of color throughout our state and nation.

Pam Nourse, Executive Director

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Newsline Winter 2021 Special Edition: Visions of Community Conference is Now Live! 

This year’s conference is right around the corner and will take place March 2-6. Our all-day Saturday event is headlined by Dr. Rosemarie Allen, a national leader whose life’s work is centered on ensuring children have access to high-quality early childhood programs that are developmentally and culturally appropriate. She will lead our keynote discussion on “Ensuring your Child is Honored, Valued, and Connected.” Our two inspiring youth keynote speakers – Sophie Scrimgeour and Isadora Greene – will talk about their journeys.

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Register Now for Visions of Community Conference 

Join us virtually for the 21st Annual Visions of Community 2021 Conference on March 6, 2021.

Visions of Community (VOC) is FCSN’s annual conference for parents and professionals caring for children with special needs. The day includes intensive workshops on topics such as IEPs and other special education issues, impact of trauma, self-care, health services and benefits, and transition planning, offered in English, Chinese, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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Statement from our Executive Director: We Can’t be Silent or Ignore what happened in Washington DC 

As an organization devoted to supporting families, we cannot ignore what happened in Washington DC.  The fabric of our democracy and communities has been further ruptured, and we cannot be silent.  It is our role to stand with all families, especially families of color until our communities, our schools, and our places of worship truly are safe places.  We need to come together and work for real change through an unwavering commitment to each other.  We need to speak out and shine a light on trustworthy information, modeling a respect for differing opinions and standing up for what is right.

This link will take you to resources on talking to children about the violence at the US capitol.

Resource: Talking to Children About Violence at the US Capitol

Pam Nourse, Executive Director



FCSN Wishes You & Your Family a Happy 2021

This holiday season comes amidst a year like no other with COVID affecting our lives in untold ways.  With the holidays looking different for so many of us, we hope all of you find safe and meaningful ways to recognize this special time of year.  On behalf of the Federation, I extend heartfelt wishes for holiday season filled with peace, warmth and happiness.





Adapting to Change – Letter from our Executive Director

The theme of this newsletter is Adapting to Change, and you can read about all the ways the Federation has adapted to our current world while remaining true to the vision of our founders. While our mission remains as important as ever, we constantly are looking for new ways to ensure that all children have the opportunities to reach their potential. Some of the new offerings you will see from the Federation include Mindful Mondays for educators to take a moment of self-care; monthly Family Connections in English and Spanish for parents and caregivers to have time to talk with each other. MassPac Monday, Wellness Wednesday and Focus Fridays – our twice weekly Facebook Live events to offer timely information, advice and regional meetings and educational forums to support families of children with special health needs.

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Stream the Rising to the Challenge 2020 Gala

The Federation for Children with Special Needs thanks you for a magical evening at the Rise to the Challenge gala. The event was our very first virtual gala and was livestreamed on FCSN’s Facebook and YouTube channels.