FY20-21 Annual Report


Welcome to the Federation’s Annual Impact Report.

“As we all know, this year has been like no other. We have faced a worldwide pandemic, school shut-downs, social injustice, racial inequities, tragedy, loss, and the list goes on. Despite challenging times, the Federation for Children with Special Needs persevered and continued to positively impact the lives of so many throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.” — Pam Nourse, Executive Director




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Pam Nourse



Statement from our Executive Director: We Can’t be Silent or Ignore what happened in Washington DC 

As an organization devoted to supporting families, we cannot ignore what happened in Washington DC.  The fabric of our democracy and communities has been further ruptured, and we cannot be silent.  It is our role to stand with all families, especially families of color until our communities, our schools, and our places of worship truly are safe places.  We need to come together and work for real change through an unwavering commitment to each other.  We need to speak out and shine a light on trustworthy information, modeling a respect for differing opinions and standing up for what is right.

This link will take you to resources on talking to children about the violence at the US capitol.

Resource: Talking to Children About Violence at the US Capitol

Pam Nourse, Executive Director