Parent to Parent Program

Who is better to give support than a parent who has been there?

Family TIES Parent to Parent (P2P) program connects volunteer support parents with caregivers seeking support around parenting children who have disabilities and/or medical complexities. 

How does it work? 

  • Matches are made based on specific diagnosis, needs and/or situations (for example, navigating the transition from early intervention to preschool). 
  • The support parent and requesting parent will speak to one another over the phone twice as part of the Parent to Parent match, and may choose to remain in contact afterwards. 
  • The P2P Coordinator and Family TIES staff are available to support both caregivers throughout the process. 

This is a program that supports parents, grandparents and guardians living in Massachusetts and caring for children, of all ages, who have disabilities and/or medical complexities.

Getting started as a caregiver seeking support:

First, follow this link to fill out a referral form: Parent to Parent Match Request Form 

After submitting the form, you will hear from the P2P Coordinator within two business days to schedule a brief intake call. 

During the intake call, you will learn more about the program and will have an opportunity to share more information about the type of support you are looking for. 

Based on the information you share, the P2P Coordinator will identify a match for you and facilitate the connection. 

Getting started as a volunteer support parent: 

First, fill out this online application to share your experience, learn more from our P2P Coordinator and have a chance to ask questions.

Next, you will sign up for a Listening & Learning training over Zoom to enhance effective listening skills. Upcoming training dates are listed in the FCSN Volunteer Calendar under “Listening and Learning Support Parent Training”.

If you don’t see a training date/time that works for you, please contact to schedule an alternate time. 

Following the training, you will receive a form to complete with some additional information about your experiences and the type of support you can provide. 

The P2P Coordinator will contact you when there is a caregiver seeking a match with someone with your experience and, if you are available, will facilitate the connection. 

Finally, you will provide two emotional support phone calls to another parent you’re well matched with, and update the P2P coordinator with any follow-up needs.

Things to know:

Trained volunteer support parents are coached to listen carefully, understand concerns and reflect on their own experiences in order to offer emotional support. 

Volunteers also receive training around respecting confidentiality, culture and individual differences at all times. 

As an Alliance member of P2P USA, we can reach out to Parent-to-Parent programs across the country for unique match requests. 

If you have any questions about the program, please contact the P2P Coordinator, Ashley Falandys, at 

Questions? Email us at or call (617)399-8382