The Federation provides an array of free services for parents, youth and the professionals that work with them.

Special Education: to ask special education related questions and promptly obtain relevant and useful information, options, support, resources, and referrals call the Federation toll free at 617-236-7210 or 1-800-331-0688 and asking for an Information Specialist, emailing, or completing the intake form below. The intake form can be used for any question, and it will be forwarded to the relevant staff person.

Transition from School: If you are a youth/young adult with a disability who is looking for information on how to prepare for life after high school, the Federation is here to help. The Federation provides 1:1, free, confidential assistance and support to help you navigate the transition process. 

Health: If you are a family member seeking information regarding health-related issues or need resources, contact Mass Family Voices. Mass Family Voices provides 1:1, free, confidential assistance and support to parents, caregivers and professionals navigating health care financing and systems. Call – Pat Nemia, Project Director at 617-236-7210 x301 or email: 

Special Education Surrogate Parent (SESP): If you are a SESP and seek support, email or go to our event page and find register for the next SESP Check In session with one of our trainers. 

Early Intervention and Community Resources: For questions regarding Early Intervention, call Family TIES at 800-905-TIES (8437). Family TIES will share contact information for the Early Intervention (EI) program(s) in your area, explain the eligibility process and send you a packet of information that further describes Early Intervention services. You can also go directly to our website and search for an EI program in your area. Family TIES can also help families and professionals who need assistance with community resources, parent training, and Parent-to-Parent connection. 

To seek support directly from a FCSN staff member, visit our staff page.