KimChi Nguyen
Vietnamese Outreach Specialist

KimChi Nguyen grew up in Vietnam and came to America when she was twenty-three. Chi has two sons with autism, so she has lived experience parenting children on the spectrum. Being a Vietnamese immigrant, she understands how challenging it is to care for a child on the spectrum while navigating complex care systems and can relate to other Vietnamese-speaking parents of children with special needs. KimChi recently joined the Federation for Children with Special Needs as a Vietnamese Outreach Specialist. She will provide culturally and linguistically appropriate support to Vietnamese communities, with this a specific focus on Boston, Quincy, and Randolph.

Chi graduated from Richland College in Dallas, Texas, as a Certified Medical Assistant, where she worked in pediatric children’s dental care. She moved to Massachusetts in 2004 and earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

When not working, KimChi enjoys cooking for her family, decorating her home, and photographing her sons outdoors.