Ana Burke, smiling

Ana Burke
Project Coordinator, Caregiver to Caregiver Respite Network, Spanish

Ana was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and raised in both Puerto Rico and Albany, New York.   She attended Universidad Metropolitana in San Juan, Puerto Rico and earned a B.S. in Marketing.  Ana earned her MBA at the State University of New York in Albany.

Following graduate school, Ana worked in Human Resources at Intermagnetics General Corporation.  She went on to work as a Human Resources Manager at Blue Cross / Blue Shield of New York.

Shortly after joining Blue Cross / Blue Shield, it became apparent that Ana’s first child, Samantha, would require full-time care and advocacy when Samantha was diagnosed with Rett syndrome.  Ana has spent the last 20+ years caring for Samantha while raising two more beautiful children, Allison and Kevin.  Ana has also been involved with numerous charitable projects regarding Rett Syndrome, as well as supporting the music and sports programs at Danvers High School.

Ana currently lives in Danvers, Massachusetts. She enjoys travel, working out, playing pickleball, and spending time with her family and close friends.