A close up of Sheina smiling up at the camera.

Sheina Prince
School Navigation Specialist

Sheina Prince is currently a Civil Rights Coordinator, with a profound background in the education sector that underpins her advocacy for equality and justice. Initially carving her path as an elementary school teacher, Sheina prided herself in creating a nurturing and inclusive environment that supported every student’s growth and learning. Her journey in education then led her to the role of Assistant Principal, where she demonstrated leadership, fostering community engagement, and promoting academic excellence.

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Pine Manor College, with a specialization in Public Relations and a minor in Early Childhood Education, Sheina has mastered the art of effective communication and understanding developmental needs of young learners. This educational foundation has been pivotal in her ability to engage with diverse communities and advocate for equitable educational practices. Further enhancing her expertise, she pursued a Master’s degree in Education from the Charles Sposato Graduate School of Education. This advanced study deepened her insights into educational policies, theories, and practices, equipping her with the knowledge to challenge and shape the educational landscape for the better.

In her role as a Civil Rights Coordinator and now a School Finder Navigator, Sheina applies her comprehensive experience in education and her strategic communication skills to champion civil rights issues. She is committed to ensuring equal rights and opportunities for all.