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Walk, Roll, Shobble*, Stroll




Sunday, September 21, 2014
Join us for the Federation’s 2nd Annual Fundraising Walk!
For more information visit Walk, Roll, Shobble*, Stroll

*”When a shuffle meets a hobble”
(Definition by Chelsey Kendig, self-advocate)



Family Engagment


Massachusetts Family, School, and Community Partnership Fundamentals
Learn about a guidance tool for enhancing family and community engagement in your school and district.

Turn Summer Daze into Learning Days
Parents can help keep their kids stay sharp in the summer. But how?

Family FACTS on Education
Resources for answering families’ questions oneducational topics


Statewide Transition Conference for Parents

Group of diverse students outside
A day long Transition Conference specifically designed for parents of children with disabilities age 14-22 preparing for their transition from school to the adult world. Join us on Saturday, September 20, 2014 at Hogan Center at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA.


A Family Guide to Transition Services in Mass

Transition is the passage of a student receiving special education services from high school to adult life as they exit from high school because the student has either graduated from high school with a high school diploma or has turned 22 years of age, the age when a school district is no longer required to provide special education services. Developed by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission and the Federation for Children with Special Needs, this helpful Guide is available in English and Spanish.

Parent Empowerment


Choose the Right Advocate

Download our “A Parent’s Guide to Selecting a Special Education Advocate in Massachusetts” brochure in English, Spanish or Portuguese


Transition into Adulthood

Planning A Life: Making the Most Out of High School for Students with Disabilities – View the 2013-2014 Schedule!