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MassPAC started a new initiative during the pandemic for SEPAC officers and members to learn how to build and grow a successful SEPAC.  The series of zoom webinars ran for 10 weeks on Tuesday evenings from 7-8 PM.  The first 30 minutes was a presentation on a topic and a sharing of resources about that topic, then we had breakout groups and conversation on the topic.  We welcomed new and seasoned SEPAC members to share best practices.

SEPAC Summer School returns for our 3rd Season!

Prior SEPAC Summer School Information:

2020 Learning Session Handouts: (click on or download)

Session 1 – Role of the SEPAC

Session 2 – SEPAC Basic Toolkit

Session 3 – Communication and Outreach

Session 4 – Running a SEPAC Meeting

Session 5 – Family Engagement

Session 6 – Leadership

Session 7 – Understanding Your District – Data!

Session 8 – Advising the District

Session 9 – Meetings, Workshops and Events

Session 10 – SEPAC Self-Assessment