SEPAC Summer School 2024


female techer sitting on the table with books, isolated
What started during COVID has led to an annual summer fun event – SEPAC Summer School!  The FREE series of zoom trainings will run for 6 weeks on Tuesday evenings from 7-8 PM.

SEPAC Summer School returns for our 5th Season!

This summer we will focus on the new Massachusetts IEP form and teach the 5 IEP Skill Modules we piloted this past Spring.  Our goal is to help you learn how to facilitate a session on one of these modules (or more!) and to help you set up a learning activity in your community.  Let’s empower families with skills to be effective partners on their IEP Teams.

Attend one or all sessions – FREE and open to all SEPAC members and families!

2024 Agenda – IEP Skills to Build Confidence and Understanding

6/25/2024 Welcome and Introductions
Quick Intro to the New IEP Form
Facilitation Basics
7/2/2024 Crafting Effective Student/Parent Concerns
7/9/2024 Understanding Goals: From Objective and Benchmarks to Effective Progress
7/16/2025 Advancing your Student’s Voice Throughout the IEP
7/23/2024 Meaningful Accommodations vs. Instructional Modifications
7/30/2024 Bringing Forth Family Knowledge Through Data Collection


Prior SEPAC Summer School Information:

2020 Learning Session Handouts: (click on each to download)

Session 1 – Role of the SEPAC

Session 2 – SEPAC Basic Toolkit

Session 3 – Communication and Outreach

Session 4 – Running a SEPAC Meeting

Session 5 – Family Engagement

Session 6 – Leadership

Session 7 – Understanding Your District – Data!

Session 8 – Advising the District

Session 9 – Meetings, Workshops and Events

Session 10 – SEPAC Self-Assessment