Family Engagement Panel

Family Engagement Panel Registration The Federation for Children with Special Needs is funded by grants which require us to collect data. Our registration is confidential and used to ensure we are supporting all communities. We do not share personal information nor do we sell to third parties.Read more

VOC Pre-Conference Events Registration

2023 Visions of Community Pre-Conference Events – Open to All We have a full week of exciting and informative presentations leading up to our main conference event on Saturday. Pre-conference events and networking sessions are available for everyone to attend during the week. To register for the

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Pre-ETS with MRC

Connecting Families: Pre-Employment Training Services (Pre-ETS) with MRC Thursday, January 5, 2023,   5:00pm – 6:00pm (You will receive the link to join after submitting your registration)

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PCTI 2023 Schedule of Courses

PCTI Home PCTI Fees and Scholarship Info Stay Connected PCTI/Information Center Internships Register Now for the Summer 5-Day Intensive PCTI (Monday, June 26th-Friday, June 30th) Register Now for the Summer Asynchronous PCTI (Monday, July 17-Friday, September 1st) PCTI 2023 Schedule  of Courses We are excited to be

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What’s New: Quarterly PCTI Newsletter

What’s New : Quarterly PCTI Newsletter What’s New is PCTI’s Quarterly Newsletter, which provides all PCTI grads with useful information on special education policy updates, available resources, and upcoming events. Check out our previous issues below!   Fall 2022 Issue More to come! Is there any content

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Stay Connected with the PCTI Community!

PCTI Home PCTI Schedule of Courses 2023 PCTI Fees and Scholarship Info Information Center Internships Stay Connected with the PCTI Community A huge part of PCTI is about building a community of families and professionals who are dedicated to supporting students in special education. We hope participants

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Educational Options December 2022

More Information: Educational Options in Massachusetts, from Start to Finish Opciones Educativas en Masschusetts de Principio a Fin Opsyon edikatif depi nan kòmansman jiska la fin  Opções Educacionais em Massachusetts, do Princípio ao Fim Chọn lựa Giáo dục tại Massachusetts, từ Khởi Đầu đến Kết Thúc 麻州教育的选择、从起点到结束

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