PCTI 2022 – Registration Form

Parent Consultant Training Institute (PCTI) Registration (Online/Remote Options) (Please contact Sara Niño [snino@fcsn.org] if your organization will be using a purchase order for registration.)

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Volunteer Reference Request Form

Volunteer Reference Request Form This reference is being provided for: How long have you known this candidate: <1 years 1-4 years 5-9 years 10+ years What is/was the nature of your relationship with this candidate I supervised this individual We were co-workers We have known each otherRead more

PCTI Format and Structure

PCTIs are currently offered in the following online formats: synchronous (live) meetings and asynchronous (presentation recordings and online learning module activities). It is our hope to resume in-person PCTI options in Summer 2022, so please stay tuned for updates! Online Synchronous (live, once-a-week meetings via Zoom) PCTI Options: 

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PCTI/Information Center Internships

Optional internships are available to those who complete the PCTI and wish to further develop their skills. The Information Center Internship includes training on the following topics: Interview skills Issue identification Documentation of calls Dealing with challenging calls Orientation to our Information Center intake system Interns are scheduled

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PCTI Fees and Scholarships Info

Registration Fees for Online PCTI Options Parents: $275 Professionals: $295 A fee of $100 will be charged to those who withdraw from the program less than 24 hours before the first class. No refunds will be given to those who withdraw on or after the first day of

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Publicity Test

MassPAC HomeSEPAC Basic Tooklkit PublicityResource FairsCommunity and Disability Awareness Events SEPACs need to become experts in networking – building and maintaining relationships within their communities. Ways to Get the Message Out The SEPAC will not have access to the list of students receiving special education services inRead more