Community and Disability Awareness Events
Hosting or co-hosting community events are a fun way to “advertise” the SEPAC and meet new members:

  • Partner with the district pre-school program to organize a “coffee” for parents to provide them with information about the SEPAC and the districts’ special education programs.
  • Make presentations to school PTOs or PTAs on the role of a SEPAC in the district.
  • Back-to-School open houses and Community Fairs are a great venue for informational tables.
  • Meet with local religious groups as a venue for meeting new people.
  • As a member of MassPAC, SEPAC officers can participate in regional SEPAC networking events to share local information and possibly join together to share costs for speakers – a great way to unite neighboring communities.

Class presentationMany SEPACs host Disability Awareness Events to help educate the community and build partnerships. SEPACs may want to highlight special disability months and host speakers on those topics.

Recognition or Awards Ceremonies are another way to celebrate diversity and inclusion. A SEPAC can recognize those individuals in the school or community who make the day brighter for a child with special needs. Special teachers can be recognized and serve as models for others. These events not only publicize the SEPAC but bring a sense of good feeling within a community.