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We are here for every family about services in  Massachusetts – regardless of your child’s needs, language, background, age or ability.

Local educational options, referrals to supports and services, presentations and workshops, registration and enrollment, technical and vocational schools, exam schools, charter schools, homeschooling, virtual schools, remedial schools, interdistrict school choice program, general questions about how navigate school systems and more!

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School Finder Tool – clique aqui


Let’s Talk about Trauma, Abuse and Violence


Guide: clique aqui

Video 1: Let’s talk about Trauma, Abuse, and Sexual Violence clique aqui

Video 2: Let’s talk about Trauma clique aqui

Video 3: Let’s talk about Trauma, Emotional Violence and Psychological clique aqui

Video 4: Bullying clique aqui

How do I know if my child needs special education?

Video: click here

Consulate General of Brazil in Boston

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Council of Parents of English Language Learners

DDS – Department of Developmental Services

ATTENTION: Important Message for Massachusetts Families with Children Under 10 Diagnosed with Autism clique aqui



  • How to understand the report card – click here
  • Assistance tips for families click here
  • When you’re stuck at homeclick here
  • Snow science for preschoolers click here
  • Self-regulation activities for young children click here
  • Cell phones, part 1: Is your child ready for a cell phone? click here
  • Cell phones, part 2: Setting rules about cell phones click here
  • Super Symmetry: Symmetry activities for preschoolers – click here

Discipline and School

Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) & Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) – click here

Massachusetts Law on Student Discipline – click here


Basic Rights in Special Education in Massachusetts


Special Education

Family Engagement

  • Understanding Massachusetts Public Schools: click here
  • Rights of Immigrant Students and Parents in School: click here
  • Families are Key to Family Engagement: click here
  • Families are Key to Family Engagement – continued: click here
  • How to Get Involved with Your Child’s School – click here

Academic Expectations in Massachusetts

Emergency Planning Guide

  • For Parents with an uncertain immigration statusclick here

Early Intervention

Youth with IEPs in Transition

NextGen – What is NextGen?

In which areas in MA?

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Planning a Life Conference – PAL

*October and November 2023

-Making the Most Out of Transition:

October 13 – Virtual and
October 14 at Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School

-College and Beyond:

November 4th – Virtual and

November 5th at the Federation – The Schraffts Center

Planning-A-Life Conference Fall 2023

Legal Services in Massachusetts – click here

Financial Resources

  • SSI – Benefits for Children with Disabilities – click here


  • Relationship with your Pediatrician – click here
  • 10 Tips for working with your health care provider – click here
  • How to Apply for MassHealth CommonHealth – click here
  • Frequently Asked Questions about MassHealth CommonHealth – click here
  • How to Access ABA Services with Insurance – click here
  • ABA and MassHealth Coverage – click here
  • Dependent Adults with Disabilities and Insurance – click here
  • Medical Insurance and Autism – click here
  • 10 Questions for ABA professionals – click here
  • Developing your child’s Individualized Health Plan – IHCP click here
  • Home & Hospital Form – click here




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Come join us for PCTI in Portuguese and start advocating for your child’s rights effectively!

This will be an intensive training program (40-56 hrs) designed to provide all parents and professionals with a solid foundation in special education law, procedure, and related issues. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to develop their knowledge to support their children in special education or for those interested in becoming a consultant/advocate for other parents.

The training includes topics such as:

Basic rights in special education

IDEA and MGL c 71B legislative history

Introduction to Schools in Massachusetts

English Language Learners

Special education advocacy and implementation

Accessing General Education and Measurable Goals

Effective Progress and Hot Topics

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Discipline and Suspension

Introduction to the Transition Planning Process

Transition Assessments

Section 504 Plans

Family Engagement

Effective Communication

Healthcare and Special Education

Problem Resolution Service (PRS) Complaints


BSEA Appeals

And more …

Presenters include attorneys and experts in the field of special education, University faculty, Neuropsychologist, Board Members, representatives from the Bureau of Special Education Appeals (BSEA) and Office for Civil Rights, and others.

Contact us for the next date.

Thank You Very Much!