evony sitting down with her hand folded over her lap and smiling at hte camera.

Ebony McQueen
Board Member

Ebony McQueen’s academic and research pursuits at Suffolk University are deeply intertwined with the Federation for Children with Special Needs’ core objectives. Her doctoral research in the Applied Development Psychology program, specifically within the Social Development & Social Issues Lab, is geared towards dismantling Sociocultural Barriers for Caregivers in School-Based Special Education Processes. By focusing on fostering empowering relationships between caregivers and school administrations, Ebony’s work is a direct response to the urgent need for inclusive and supportive educational environments for children with special needs. Her commitment to enhancing the educational journey of children with special needs through insightful perspectives from historically marginalized families aligns seamlessly with the Federation’s mission to ensure that all children receive the educational support and resources they deserved.

Beyond her academic endeavors, Ebony’s personal experiences growing up in Dorchester, Massachusetts, have shaped her understanding of the systemic barriers to equitable resource access, fueling her passion for social justice in disability and special needs policy. Her literary projects, pursued through her Master of Liberal Arts in Creative Writing and Literature from Harvard University, further complement her research by seeking to authentically represent the narratives of Black families, thus providing a multifaceted approach to advocacy and awareness. This blend of academic research and creative expression enhances Ebony’s contributions to the goals of the Federation for Children with Special Needs, embodying a comprehensive approach to supporting children with special needs and their families through both systemic change and cultural representation.