Family TIES of Massachusetts

New phone number, new web address!

We’ve always been part of the Federation, but now we’re going to share a phone number and website address. Please update your phone listing! You can now reach us through the Federation’s Main Number.

Family TIES is staffed entirely by family members of children with special health needs, disabilities and/or medical complexities with lived experience. We are focused on families with children from birth to age 26. Read on to learn more about our focus for 2024/25 and beyond!

Family TIES of Masssachusetts: Together in Enhancing Support

(800) 331-0688
(617) 236-7210

Our Focus Areas

Family Support

Parent to Parent of Massachusetts

Who is better to offer support than a parent who has been there? Our Parent to Parent of Massachusetts (P2P of MA) program helps caregivers give requested emotional support. We train our support parents to be active listeners, offer non-clinical emotional support, and help guide a family to resources that can help them on their journey. 

We are an alliance member of P2P USA. 

Looking for more hands-on support from a parent who understands? Check out the Federation’s new Caregiver to Caregiver (C2C) Respite Network for opportunities to get some rest and take a break from caregiving.


Trainings Available from Family TIES

View upcoming trainings across the Federation’s programs on our Events  page. Following are Family TIES signature trainings.

Let’s Get Organized (LGO) helps parents work with their own strengths and successes, providing concrete ways to expand their organizational skills.  

Self Care explores mini self-care actions, discover how to develop new habits, and experience simple meditations. 

Charting the LifeCourse helps you organize actions you can take based on your ideas, vision, and goals for your family members and for yourself.

Emergency Preparedness will help you prepare for the unexpected by having and practicing a plan for emergencies that could threaten the health and safety of your child with special medical need.

Listening and Learning is the first step in becoming a volunteer Support Parent for our Parent to Parent program. Its a great way to give back, and even a step on your path towards Leadership.


Family Advisor Program

Family Advisor is a way to share your voice and start or continue your path to Parent Leadership.

This program offers families the chance to advise and partner with the Department of Public Health and join in leadership activities across the Commonwealth.

Use the on-line sign-up form to register.

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CCATER Center Support

Care Coordination improves quality of life for children with medical complexity and their families. Building on the MA Department of Public Health’s Division for Children and Youth with Special Health Needs longstanding Care Coordination programs, we are partnering with the CCATER Center to expand access for children served by MassHealth CARES for Kids medical teams. 


Looking for Information about Early Intervention?

To find an Early Intervention location in Massachusetts, please go to the MA Department of Public Health (DPH) website. Self-referrals can often be made right on the provider’s website in your catchment area. Many frequently asked questions can be answered here. Or you can call 800-905-8437 to refer a child or learn more about Early Intervention and you’ll be directed to someone who can assist you.

The Early Intervention Parent Leadership Project (EIPLP) is part of the Massachusetts DPH. EIPLP was created to support parents whose children receive early intervention services. You can reach them at 877-35-EI-PLP or

While we’re no longer the primary point of contact for Early Intervention, we’re here to help! Please fill out our intake form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!