Family TIES program logoFamily TIES of Massachusetts provides information and referral services, emotional support, and training to parents of children and youth with special needs. Driven and staffed by parents of children with special needs, we offer a unique type of emotional and practical support to families with similar life experiences. We are a primary source for information about Early Intervention and maintain a complete listing of Early Intervention Programs in MA.

Family TIES of Massachusetts is a project of the Federation for Children with Special Needs. In collaboration with and funded by the MA Department of Public Health, Bureau of Family Health and Nutrition.

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Information & Referral

Call the toll-free, state-wide phone line 800-905-8437 or Contact a Regional Coordinator who has life experience parenting a child with a special health need.

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Early Intervention

When you call 800-905-8437, Family TIES will share contact information to the Early Intervention (EI) program(s) in your area. Regional Coordinators will send you a packet of information explaining Early Intervention services. Contact information for EI referrals is also available on our website. Family TIES can help families and professionals who need more assistance.

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Parent-to-Parent Program (P2P) – alliance member of P2P USA

Parent-to-parent connects parents who have a child with a disability, chronic illness, or special health needs to a Support Parent with similar lived experience who can provide emotional support and practical suggestions. Parents can request a match online or call 800-905-8437.

(VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY) Support Parents for Parent-to-Parent: The success of our Parent-to-Parent programs comes from our volunteer Support Parents. Share your experience. Participate in a Listening & Learning training to build your skills and become a Support Parent.

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Family Advisory Program

Share Your Voice! This program offers families the chance to advise and partner with the Department of Public Health and join in leadership activities across the Commonwealth. On-line sign-up forms for the Family TIES Advisors Program are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese on our website.


Below are some quick access links to Mass Family TIES Resources: