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Parents have said…

“My son is not just a typical teenager; everything is extreme.”
Pathways for Parents (PFP) can make referrals to organizations that educate, encourage and support parents through challenging times.

“Parents don’t know what they don’t know.”
PFP informs and guides parents to access information, supports, services and resources from community organizations, groups and providers, state agencies and federal programs.

“I didn’t know why my daughter acted the way she did; no one ever said anything about mental health.”
PFP can provide information and guidance about youth emotional and behavioral health disorders, treatments, medications and support services.

“Even though he tried really hard, my son’s learning disability caused him to fail in school.”
PFP refers parents to free workshops about special education guidelines, services and a child’s rights.

“Sometimes life is really difficult, but it gets better when you work at solving the problems.”
PFP provides information and ideas for parents to combine with their own knowledge and expertise in order to manage real-life issues and dilemmas.