MassPAC organizes regional networking meetings to assist SEPACs in sharing resources and ideas. SEPAC officers from a local geographical region will be invited to attend these MassPAC-led events. Held at a school or public library, these informal get-togethers are a great way for new officers to ask questions and learn from more seasoned leaders.

Current MassPAC regional networking groups: (several have Facebook groups)

  • Regional SEPAC Leadership
  • Merrimack Valley
  • South Central SEPAC Region
  • Middlesex/Merrimack Regional
  • PAC-to-PAC.

Any SEPAC who would like to start a regional SEPAC group or host a networking event should contact MassPAC. MassPAC will email the invitations, collect the RSVPs and bring Federation materials to share with SEPACs. Following the event, MassPAC will make attendee lists and/or regional SEPAC contact information available to SEPAC officers to help them in coordinating workshops, co-sponsoring events and assisting parents to network with other parents of children with similar disabilities.