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Family Engagement and Leadership Training for School District Communities

Want to increase family engagement in your school community?

Looking for ways to attract more families to your parent group meetings? (SEPACs, ELPACs and PTA/PTOs)

Ready to take your Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) to the next level of excellence?


In our Sring 2022 APPLE Institute sessions with school districts, families and educators imagined future family and community engagement in these ways:

  • “ALL parents feel like a part of the school community”
  • “No more ‘us vs. them’!”
  • “Town officials and leadership getting to know district families”
  • “All students having advocates both in school and at home… either educationally, or emotionally.”
  • “Acknowledging the power imbalance weighted towards the district – particularly when working with vulnerable populations”
  • “All the different parent organizations working together!”
  • “Families are recognized as experts on their children”

How about you? What are you imagining for this school year?


We are planning for APPLE 2023 – let us know if your District is interested!

For more information, contact MassPAC  at or call the Federation at 617-236-7210.