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Newsline is the quarterly newsletter of the Federation for Children with Special Needs, which provides valuable information and resources for parents and professionals. Each edition covers topical news relevant to families of children with disabilities, as well as updates from Federation projects, book reviews from our Executive Director, Federation event announcements, and more. Past editions of Newsline are archived to the left of the page, and can be accessed in web or .PDF form. Thank you for reading!

Girl frowns at test paper

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MCAS: Tips to Help Your Child

Parents and families can do several things to create a positive test-taking experience and help students prepare for tests. Here are some ideas:

MCAS: Dicas para ajudar ao seu filho

Preparando-se para o teste Os pais e a família podem fazer várias coisas para criar uma experiência positiva ao se preparar e ao fazer o teste. Seguem algumas ideias:

MCAS: Consejos para ayudar a su niño

Hay varias cosas que los padres y las familias pueden hacer para ayudar a sus niños a prepararse para las pruebas y para que tengan una experiencia positiva. Aquí tiene algunas sugerencias: