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Newsline is the quarterly newsletter of the Federation for Children with Special Needs, which provides valuable information and resources for parents and professionals. Each edition covers topical news relevant to families of children with disabilities, as well as updates from Federation projects, book reviews from our Executive Director, Federation event announcements, and more. Past editions of Newsline are archived to the left of the page, and can be accessed in web or .PDF form. Thank you for reading!

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Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is the first year of formal school for most children in the United States. In kindergarten, hands-on learning activities help prepare youngsters for the challenges that lie ahead. Parents can prepare themselves and their children in various ways for a smooth and positive transition to kindergarten.

Cómo prepararse para el kindergarten (IEP)

En los Estados Unidos, el kindergarten es el primer año de educación formal para la mayoría de los niños. Las actividades prácticas de aprendizaje que realizan ayudan a prepararlos para los desafíos que les esperan. Los padres pueden prepararse a sí mismos y a sus hijos de diversas maneras para una transición fluida y positiva al kindergarten.

Preparando-se para o Jardim de Infância

O jardim de infância é o primeiro ano da escola formal para muitas crianças nos Estados Unidos. No jardim de infância, atividades práticas ajudam a preparar os jovens para os desafios que tiverem pela frente. Os pais podem preparar a si próprios e aos seus filhos de várias maneiras para uma transição suave e positiva para o jardim de infância.