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Newsline is the quarterly newsletter of the Federation for Children with Special Needs, which provides valuable information and resources for parents and professionals. Each edition covers topical news relevant to families of children with disabilities, as well as updates from Federation projects, event announcements, and more. Past editions of Newsline are archived to the left of the page and can be accessed in web or.PDF form and you can join our mailing list by clicking the button below!

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Family and Community Engagement Matters for Every Child

All families want the best for their children. Families know their children better than anyone and can be a valuable resource to teachers. When families, schools and communities partner together, much can be accomplished and every child can get the support he or she needs to succeed.

La participación de la familia y la comunidad es importante para todos los niños

Todas las familias quieren lo mejor para sus hijos. Las familias conocen a sus niños mejor que nadie y pueden ser un recurso valioso para los maestros. Cuando las familias, las escuelas y las comunidades colaboran, se puede lograr mucho y todos los niños pueden recibir el apoyo que necesitan para tener éxito.

O Envolvimento Familiar e Comunitário é Importante Para Todas as Crianças

Todas as famílias querem o melhor para os seus filhos. As famílias conhecem melhor os seus filhos e podem ser um recurso valioso para os professores. Quando famílias, escolas e comunidades se unem, podem ser feitas muitas coisas e todas as crianças podem obter o apoio de que precisam para ser bem sucedidas.