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Newsline is the quarterly newsletter of the Federation for Children with Special Needs, which provides valuable information and resources for parents and professionals. Each edition covers topical news relevant to families of children with disabilities, as well as updates from Federation projects, event announcements, and more. Past editions of Newsline are archived to the left of the page and can be accessed in web or.PDF form and you can join our mailing list by clicking the button below!

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Networking: Good for You, Good for Your Child

For years I watched the girl across the street get on the big school bus. Then I put my daughter, now 11, on the little school bus. I always hoped the little bus came first because I didn’t want the kids looking out the window of the big bus seeing my daughter. I didn’t want my daughter seeing the big bus.

La FCSN y la importancia de establecer de conexiones

Durante años, observé cómo la niña que vive enfrente de mi casa se subía al autobús escolar grande. Luego yo la colocaba a mi hija, que ahora tiene 11 años, en el autobús escolar pequeño. Siempre quería que el autobús de ella llegara primero para que los niños del autobús grande no la vieran al mirar por la ventana.

A FCSN e o networking

Durante anos observei a menina que mora do outro lado da rua pegar o ônibus escolar grande. Depois dela ir, eu colocava a minha filha, que hoje tem 11 anos, no ônibus escolar pequeno. Sempre esperava que o ônibus pequeno chegasse primeiro porque eu não queria que as crianças do ônibus grande olhassem pela janela e vissem a minha filha. E não queria que a minha filha visse o ônibus grande.